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Privoxy filters for and Google left navigation bar

Privoxy filter rules for removing all related results from Google search as well as collapsing Google left navigation bar are provided.

Redmine wiki external filter plugin version 0.0.2 is released


New version of Redmine wiki external filter plugin is released, see full text for changes description.

mod_archive2 status

This post provides information on current status of mod_archive2 development: rewritten version of ejabberd module supporting history archiving standard XEP-136.

Prelude Trigger 1.0.0_beta1 is released


First version of Prelude Trigger - small daemon to fire active responses for attacks detected by Prelude IDS - is released.

StarCraft and NAT issues


Recently I set up PvPGN server to host StarCraft games and had to solve some lag problems when people behind NAT tried to play the game. In this post I try to summarize my experience and hope it can be useful for others, as there’s not that much info available on this topic, it seems.

Wive firmware on DLink DWL-G700AP


Some notes on transforming WiFi access point DLink DWL-G700AP to router using Wive firmware.

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