Site development

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Drupal installed

New, Drupal-based site is up and running (so far in test mode, though). First thing to migrate will be blog. Projects and similar pages will follow shortly, the last one will be photo albums page. Please post any problems found.

Update, 21.09.2008: it took quite longer than initially expected, but I’ve just finished initial photo albums migration, thus completing all old site parts transition.

Typo patches


While deploying typo weblog system I had to make changes there to fix some problems and add features I needed.

While possibly I’ll send some of these patches to typo developers, most likely they’re a bit hacky to include in the main typo branch - but still, I think, useful as “quick hacks” for those who need it “right here and now”.

Gravacacher is released

Version 1.0_alpha of Gravacacher - very lightweight cache server for avatars retrieved from - is released.

Combined patch for webgen updated


The combined patch for webgen (discussed here) was updated with the fix to the bug with forced ordering of directories - before the fix webgen did not respect “orderInfo” meta parameter for sorting in main menu if entities are not pages, but directories (with orderInfo’s specified in respective index pages).

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