I’m currently moving this site to different domain & reorganizing it with the ultimate goal to switch to different site engine. Therefore current site content will not be updated and the site may not always work 100% reliably - sorry for that & thanks for understanding!

Prelude Trigger 1.0.0_beta1 is released


First version of Prelude Trigger - small daemon to fire active responses for attacks detected by Prelude IDS - is released.

Psi spell-checking: hunspell support


Patch for Psi 0.13 that adds support for hunspell spell-checker.

Update: multilang patch for Enchant is also available.

Customizable Weather Plasmoid: animated images patch and GISMETEO weather support


Small patch for KDE 4 Customizable Weather Plasmoid to support animated images in “satellite images” view and config for GISMETEO weather support.

Update 2009.08.07: starting from CWP 0.9.11 animated images support and GISMETEO config are now in official CWP distribution, thanks to CWP author for prompt response! Moreover, as far as I see they both were fixed and improved during integration, so I recommend using version 0.9.11 instead of my patches and thus this page is left for historical reasons only.

Linux kernel undervolting patch for AMD processors


Simple patch for 2.6.27 Linux kernel to provide full control over voltages/frequencies of AMD CPUs supporting Cool’n’Quiet technology.

Update: patches for 2.6.31 and 2.6.32 are available too.

Update 2010/02/10: it was pointed out that Linux-PHC project currently provides patches for AMD (see comments for details), so I’d strongly recommend checking their patches first instead of mine.

Цветовые профили для Canon iP5200 + WWM + Barva & Aro

Данная статья посвящена управлению цветом при печати на принтере Canon iP5200 с использованием чернил и бумаги сторонних производителей, а именно чернил WWM и бумаги Barva и Aro.

StarCraft and NAT issues


Recently I set up PvPGN server to host StarCraft games and had to solve some lag problems when people behind NAT tried to play the game. In this post I try to summarize my experience and hope it can be useful for others, as there’s not that much info available on this topic, it seems.

Drupal installed

New, Drupal-based site is up and running (so far in test mode, though). First thing to migrate will be blog. Projects and similar pages will follow shortly, the last one will be photo albums page. Please post any problems found.

Update, 21.09.2008: it took quite longer than initially expected, but I’ve just finished initial photo albums migration, thus completing all old site parts transition.

Wive firmware on DLink DWL-G700AP


Some notes on transforming WiFi access point DLink DWL-G700AP to router using Wive firmware.

WolCub Printer Driver


WolCub - это виртуальный драйвер принтера для печати в графический WOL формат, который используют электронные книги lBook. Основными особенностями данного драйвера является поддержка Windows Vista, разбиение страниц для альбомного просмотра и поддержка anti-aliasing.

Patch for aspell 0.60.5 for Win32 compilation


This patch for aspell 0.60.5 makes it possible to compile it natively on Win32. Tested configuration is Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Win32/x64 targets, but as cmake is used for building, it should handle all other Win32 compilers more or less gracefully also.

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