WireAnimation is the simulator for Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc wire bending machines.

Its main purpose is to replace costly / dangerous experiments on real hardware with debugging bending programs on simulator.

Successful implementation of this project required solving several major issues:

  • Automated Industrial Machinery has high number of different bending machines configurations, but core principles of their operation are similar - thus, the project should have single code base to avoid duplicating common functionality, but should be highly customizable to allow simulating all different machines configurations.
  • Details of wire bending simulation are quite involved and require careful calculations to be done for simulation result to be close enough to the “real-world” machine behavior.
  • One of the steps in simulation is to detect collisions between machine parts, wire parts, or any of these. This detection should happen in real-time.

Current implementation supports more than 10 different configurations and significantly simplifies wire bending programs design.

Example of double-head bender simulation:

DH simulation image

Note detected collision between central clamp and wire part.

Products that feature WireAnimation simulator are available from Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc. WireAnimation is (C) Copyright by Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc. All rights reserved.

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