Web CAD To Wire Converter

This is demo deployment for web frontend to CAD Wire Import module. It allows to import STEP / IGES files and produces XYZr wire format as output, as well as renders original and imported parts in VRML to verify import is correct.

Some usage notes:

  • Best viewed with Mozilla Firefox browser, other browsers have problems ranging from inability to show VRML content at all to JavaScript incompatibilities preventing VRML models visibility switching.
  • The recommended VRML plugin is Cortona3D Viewer, version 6.0 was used for testing, though older versions might also work.
  • It’s recommended to switch Cortona skin (Mouse right-click → Preferences → Skin) to “CAD-like”, as navigation is easier then.
  • All coordinates are in millimeters.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.
  • CAD file size is limited to 8 MBytes.

Copyright (C) 2005-2010 by Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc, all rights reserved.


Your browser must support <object> tag properly for this to work.

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