Alexander Tsvyashchenko

Personal Data

Date of Birth:15 May 1980
Location:Greater Zrich Area, Switzerland


Apply my talent, knowledge and experience in research and development of challenging, “algorithm-rich” projects to meet or exceed projects expectations and ensure further self-growth.


Skills Summary

Skills used right now


Machine Learning, Images & Videos Processing, Instant Messaging, Embedded and Mobile Devices.


C++, C, Python, Kotlin.

Frameworks & Platforms:

TensorFlow, TFX, scikit-learn, Google Cloud ML Engine, Apache Beam (Google Flume), Android (AOSP), Yocto.


Multiple internal technologies and products for machine learning, parallel processing / cloud computing, remote storage & data analysis.


Navigating organizational complexity, managing relationships with other teams, performing full lifecycle of machine learning projects, teaching ML classes inside and outside of Google.

Skills used in the past

Can pick most of these back up in a matter of days if the need arises.


Computer Vision, Advertisement & Traffic Quality, CAD/CAM, Computational Geometry, Networking, Rapid Prototyping, Wire Bending, Instant Messaging, Software Defined Radios, Reverse Engineering.


Object-oriented, generic, structured, functional, logical, actor model.


C#, Erlang, VB.NET, Ruby, Perl, SQL, Rust, Java, Haskell, Lua, Tcl, Pascal, Assembler (x86), Lisp, Prolog.


OOD, DDD, UML; OpenMP and “generic” multi-threading; .NET Framework (incl. WPF, LINQ); OpenGL; RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite); Ruby On Rails; HTML, CSS, XML; LaTeX.

Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux (multiple distributions, including embedded), Mac OS X, FreeBSD.


Boost, Loki; Bullet; CGAL; GTS, OpenMesh; Infragistics NetAdvantage, Qt, wxWidgets, Tao; ITK, VTK; OpenCASCADE; OpenCV; QuickGraph; WildMagic; Wt.

Code quality:

CCCC, CppCheck, Vera++; ClockSharp, FxCop, StyleCop; PMD (CPD), Simian.


AQTime, CodeAnalyst, DevPartner, Rational Quantify; Doxygen, Sandcastle; Gallio; IncrediBuild; QEMU, VirtualBox, VMWare; SWIG; T4; Wix; IDA Pro, JADX + other RE tools; GNU Radio, QRX + other SDR tools.


CruiseControl.NET, Hudson; Git, Subversion; CMake, MSBuild, Make, Jam, Automake / Autoconf; Redmine, Trac.


Microsoft Visual Studio 98 - 2010, GCC and Clang toolchains (native and cross-compilation to multiple embedded platforms), NetBeans (Erlang), Qt Creator (VS 2010 & GCC).


Multiple networking services, IDS / monitoring.

Professional Experience

Staff Software Engineer May 2016 - present
Google AI / Brain Applied Zrich team, Zrich, Switzerland

Senior Software Engineer Aug 2011 - May 2016
Google / Ad Traffic Quality team, Zrich, Switzerland

Chief Scientist Feb 2010 - Aug 2011
Deebmedia, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Software Engineer / Project Manager (independent contractor) Nov 2005 - Jul 2011
Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc, Chicago, IL

End-to-end ownership of the following projects:

Algorithm Consultant (independent contractor) Sep 2007 - Nov 2007
Atoms Optical Measuring, Locarno, Switzerland

Senior Researcher / Team Leader (full-time employee) Aug 2000 - Jul 2007
Materialise, Kiev, Ukraine

Software Engineer 1998 - present
Multiple open-source projects

Developed multiple stand-alone open-source projects and contributed patches to existing ones, some examples are below:

More information on projects is available here:


1997 - 2003

Master of Science in Computer Science with distinction, Cybernetics Faculty, Department for Theoretical Cybernetics, Kiev National University of Taras Shevchenko, Kiev, Ukraine

Trainings & Certifications


Russian, Ukrainian:Mother tongues
Swiss German:Beginner