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XEP-136 and XEP-59 implementation comments


This article discusses issues arisen during implementation of XEP-0136 specification, which describes the protocol for server-side instant messaging history, and XEP-59, which basically provides the way to page through results set and limit results number.

Basically, it’s the copy of letter sent to XMPP discussion mailing list, I’ve put it here to make sure more people have access to it and can provide their feedback / comments.

For most of the issues listed some solutions are proposed.

mod_archive_odbc release


This article is about mod_archive_odbc: ejabberd implementation of server-side instant messaging history support, also known as XEP-136.

Update: development of this module has stopped, all further development is done in mod_archive2 project.

libwsw & wswutil release

This article introduces libwsw - C++ library for Jabber clients which provides XEP-136 support, AKA server-side message archiving, and wswutil - the tool for import / export operations on user history for XEP-136 compliant servers.

Psi spell-checking for multiple languages


Simple patch for Psi 0.11-0.13 which adds support for multiple languages in its spell-checking engine.

Электронная отчетность в налоговую

Я недавно организовал сдачу отчетности в налоговую в электронном виде - теперь хочу поделиться своими наблюдениями по этому поводу и описанием решений возникших проблем.

Статья ориентирована в основном на ИТшников-СПДшников, но может быть полезна и остальным, если опустить технические детали.

Update от 2009.01.04: бОльшая часть статьи в связи со сворачиванием приема отчетности, подписанной ключами Нотар, уже неактуальна, детали см. ниже.

Typo patches


While deploying typo weblog system I had to make changes there to fix some problems and add features I needed.

While possibly I’ll send some of these patches to typo developers, most likely they’re a bit hacky to include in the main typo branch - but still, I think, useful as “quick hacks” for those who need it “right here and now”.

Gravacacher is released

Version 1.0_alpha of Gravacacher - very lightweight cache server for avatars retrieved from - is released.

Combined patch for webgen updated


The combined patch for webgen (discussed here) was updated with the fix to the bug with forced ordering of directories - before the fix webgen did not respect “orderInfo” meta parameter for sorting in main menu if entities are not pages, but directories (with orderInfo’s specified in respective index pages).

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